Image of sticker saying "defend our students" in Spanish

Shameful disrespect of students, communities of color

The reprehensible scene that played itself out in front of Worcester’s City Hall before the May 2 School Committee meeting was emblematic of the ongoing fight around racial equity within the schools. As a group ....

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Picture of a hand holding marker writing the word racism

“Crazy amounts” of posturing on racism, emails, Worcester Public Schools

It seems like someone is out to get Dante Comparetto, a member of the Worcester School Committee, and, by extension, anyone who seeks to address the issue of racism in the Worcester Public Schools. A ....

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Worcester anti-sex ed crowd displays disregard for kids, truth

It’s hard to determine what is more infuriating: the fact that now, in the year 2018, Worcester’s public school system doesn’t have anything resembling a comprehensive sex education curriculum in place; or that, as the ....

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Community and labor put paid family leave and Fight for 15 on the ballot

WORCESTER, Mass. – A group of activists working with Raise Up Massachusetts dropped off 1,489 signatures at City Hall this morning, in hopes of securing paid family medical leave and a raise in minimum wage ....

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Gaffney, Turtleboy done: Time to move forward

Worcester’s far-right political bloc was obliterated in yesterday’s elections, when voters overwhelmingly decided to toss council member and Republican City Committee chair Michael Gaffney into the dustbin of history, and then blocked every one of ....

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Labor, community groups and elected officials say “Vote for Dante Comparetto”

WORCESTER, Mass. - Labor leaders, elected officials, and representatives of community organizations gathered at the Educational Association of Worcester’s headquarters this morning to announce their support for Dante Comparetto’s bid for a seat on the ....

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