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Totalitarian household: a review of “Dogtooth”

Giorgos Lanthimos’s “Dogtooth” captures the physical and moral damage that occurs when what is perhaps the ultimate insult is visited upon otherwise healthy human beings: that of being held in physical and mental slavery under the pretense that it’s for their own good. While this form of bondage seems absurd at the individual level, it is all too common at the national, under different names: the totalitarian state, the security state and so on. It is notable that this film comes out of Greece, once ruled by a military dictatorship. The director, however, in several interviews stated that the film is not about Greece or any other specific country, but about a form of control overall. All one has to do is to replace the…

Sex, Violence, and Videotape

Princess Directed by Anders Morgenthaler Starring Thure Lindhardt, Mira Hilli Møller Hallund, Stine Fischer Christensen Run time: 90 minutes Released to DVD from Palisades Tartan   If the old adage “fight fire with fire” is true, then it would likely follow that one must fight sexual violence with sex and violence. Danish director Anders Mergenthaler seems to have taken this to heart with his award-winning 2006 feature Princess, finally available to American audiences on DVD.   This film, innovatively composed of both animated and purposely low-quality live-action video, bombards the viewer with graphic sex and even more graphic violence; paradoxically, though, its core purpose is quite obviously to take on the sex industry, notorious for its exploitation of young women. The narrative involves August (voiced by…

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