About Dan

The reason for this site is for me to have an outlet for things that I want to write. Like anyone else who takes the time to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – I write about that which I find interesting. Sometimes other people find these labors worthwhile: in 2004 and 2012, for example, articles of mine were listed in Project Censored, each as a top story not covered by the so-called “mainstream media,” [Disclaimer: You should read the mainstream media; if you aren’t looking at the Washington Post, the Globe, the BBC, NBC, etc., you’re missing a lot of good information] and a bunch of articles were translated into different languages and published (sometimes even in print) in countries spanning the world’s corners.

Other times, very few (to put it mildly) are interested in what I have written, which is why it helps to have my own website. Nothing goes to waste.

I worked for years as a writer and editor for a moderately well-known progressive weekly (then, with the advent of a new website, daily). While there, I served as an accredited UN correspondent, covered politics, international and national news, and wrote opinion pieces and movie reviews. I enjoyed working as a journalist: how else could I have met Jacques Chirac and Afrika Bambaata, Hugo Chavez and Sean Penn, or Chevy Chase and Robin Williams? (Actually, the latter pair I met simply because I had the good fortune to run into them, separately, in Chelsea, NYC).

Working for a socialist publication usually means that one is something of a socialist, and the same was true for me. What that term means, however, is still up for debate. I also have more frustration with much of the left than I had then. You’ll be sure to find that – the “socialism” – whatever that means, the uncertainty, and the frustration – in my writing. You will also find my thoughts on politics and current events in general; trashy horror, exploitation, and other kinds of film; ideas on religion and science; and whatever else seems interesting to me.

Another reason for this website: I do not currently write professionally. After working at the above-mentioned newspaper, I moved into the nonprofit world, finished college, and then went on to Oxford University Press. There I was an assistant editor working on some extremely valuable online resources (the Oxford African American Studies Center, Oxford Islamic Studies Online, and Oxford Biblical Studies Online, as well as the in-print Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography). OUP is a great place to work, but I missed the moral satisfaction of working somewhere where social change was a stated priority. At the same time, I felt discouraged at the potentiality of political change, so I decided to try something more hands-on: I returned to the nonprofit world, where I took a job working with young people south of Boston, managing a program aimed at building mentoring relationships between young people and adults. I don’t know how much I have helped the kids, but they’ve taught me a lot. Since then, I’ve returned to my native Worcester, where I’ve begun studying computer programming and web development, as well as doing community-based work. Here, especially since Trump’s 2016 election victory, I’ve jumped back into politics, which as kept me busier than I thought it would.

Still, I feel the urge to express my thoughts and opinions in a way that does more than simply annoy my friends on Facebook, and this site fills that need.

My hope is that you find something of interest in what I write; your thoughts are welcomed.