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Michael Gaffney’s Turtleboy Sports: the worst kind of cowards

First, on the headline: indeed, it is partly Michael Gaffney’s blog. Can anyone think of a person in Worcester who is more closely related (publicly) to Turtleboy Sports than him? He writes for it, he defends it, he’s quoted from it publicly, and, at least through advertising revenue, he funds it. That means it’s tied to him, and to the Worcester Republican Party that he chairs (which also shares their stuff). Since Gaffney and Turtleboy Sports like to talk about communism so much, I’ll put it in Soviet terms: Turtleboy Sports is their Pravda.

But this post is to talk more generally about Turtleboy.

I’ve written quite a bit recently about TBS, and all of their nastiness towards children, those experiencing addiction,

Aidan Kearney, according to MassLive

the mentally unstable, poor people, and others. I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the details, that I’ve forgotten to mention the most obvious thing, until someone online pointed it out to me yesterday.

As much as anything else – as much as they are bullies or people who sexualize children – Aidan Kearney and his couple cowriters are cowards. Hypocritical cowards at that.

If you ask any Tutleboy reader (or “turtlerider,” as they unironically call themselves) why they think it’s okay to publicly shame, for example, a 15-year-old whose father was just arrested for heroin, they’ll tell you it’s because it’s important to hold people “accountable.”

That’s right: they say people should be accountable for their actions.

Can you believe the utter hypocrisy? Sure, we all know that Aidan Kearney is Turtleboy, despite anything he or his people try to tell you. (Just read the article in the Telegram and Gazette, or, if you want to read a lot, find the Buffalo Bruises blog posts about him; if you want to read the most recent, check out the daily Hampshire Gazette article). It’s a strange little blog, and a lot of it is unsavory, but the author has done his research and has proven Kearney is Turtleboy. (Also, just ask any of his former colleagues if it’s his voice you hear on their Facebook live streams.) There are a couple of other, minor player, cowards: some “South Shore Turtle Girl” and one or two other writers, but Turtleboy is Aidan Kearney (despite any of their “We are all Turtleboy” nonsense).

And yet Aidan still denies it.


Why hide? Why does he hide behind a computer screen? Why is there no photo of him? All of Turtleboy’s victims, often unsuspecting kids, have their personal information held up for the world to see, at least as much of it as Aidan and friends can find. I’ve already written about how Aidan went to great lengths to show that a young woman who criticized his and Gaffney’s blog for bullying her friend worked at Wendy’s, which ultimately led to her being fired, after “turtleriders” began calling there. When I criticized them, they went and scoured the Internet to (selectively) post information about my past political affiliations, as well as to announce to the world that I’d gone through a bankruptcy.

Why should everyone’s information be made public, except Aidan Kearney’s?

The only answer to that question is that Aidan Kearney is a hypocritical coward. He’s bullied the people of Worcester, and now beyond, brought consequences on them, made money off of it, and yet tries to hide his face from view. Like a cockroach, he disappears when the light shines.

Of course, Aidan is only the most extreme example of cowardice. Gaffney’s a coward as well. He is happy to release the voicemails his callers leave to him to his blog, he’s happy to post hit pieces on other politicians, he’s happy to lodge allegations of corruption, but he can’t handle criticism. Just try to ask him a question that is even remotely critical of him on his Facebook page. He’ll ban you. So, indeed, there is a small crowd of cowards, of which Aidan Kearney is only the most hypocritical.

Stop being such a grotesque coward, Aidan. Turn that camera around on your Facebook live videos, and sign your name to your blog posts. At least be brave enough to just say who you are.

Of course, I doubt you’ll do that, especially now that the people of Worcester have realized what Turtleboy Sports is, and have begun to show their utter revulsion at its filth. But I hope you’ll consider redeeming your pride. At least Gaffney will be held accountable by the voters (who actually have to be residents and can only vote once) in November.

Worcester residents: I hope you’ll continue to hold Turtleboy accountable. Don’t ever let anyone forget the person bullying kids and tarnishing our city’s reputation (from out of town) is Aidan Kearney, and the person paying him to do it is Michael Gaffney.



Note: I’m a Democrat, but believe in being fair and honest, so this is just a reminder that Worcester’s Republican committee is amongst the most extreme in the state; a number of Republican officials outside of this city are far more moderate and respectable. While I disagree with some policies of Hannah Kane, Charlie Baker, etc., I would never consider them in the same league as Gaffney and Turtleboy.


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